Chapter 31 - Toddler Chloe and Baby #12


Let’s see how Grace and Luke are adjusting to parenthood.

As the first born child of the second generation of the O’Connor legacy it is no wonder that Chloe’s nursery is fit for a princess.

Grace is determined to stay as fit as her mother did. So she decided to get some exercise and take Chloe with her.

With Chloe well on her way to toddlerhood Luke and Grace decided to try for baby #12.

With their family growing quickly they decided to make their yard a fun playground for the kids.

Fort, sandbox, seesaw, and trampoline turned the O’Connor’s yard into the coolest playground ever.

Happy birthday Chloe!

Blond! Where did she get blond?

Seriously, I did not change her hair color. No one on either side of her family has blond hair.

He immediately began to teach her how to talk.
“Say ‘Simoleons’”

“This is going to take a while.”

One of the gifts Chloe got from a family friend was a stuffed toy.

Grace thought the toy looked very strange, but Chloe loved it.

“Come on Sweetie. Walk for mommy.”

 “Just because I’m having a baby I’m not going to neglect you, plants.”

“The baby is coming!”
Eventually Grace wants to have her babies at home but right now they are going to the hospital.

It’s a Boy!

Welcome to the O’Connor family baby #12.

Now Grace and Luke have a toddler and a baby.
We will see how they survive with two demanding babies.


So.... It's been a while.


Hi, Vicki here. The human behind the O'Connor Clan's story.
Even though I have not posted in over two years I haven't entirely given up on this legacy.

Let me explain.
I still enjoy the sims, but my laptop just could not handle it anymore, and it would crash on me.
The moment I rage quit was after I spent hours (of real human time, not sim time) setting up the wedding of one of the kids.
I had all the decorations perfect, the guests were all dressed, every sim had wonderful expressions. It was perfect.... 

my computer lost it all.


That, combined with my growing school/work/life responsibilities, all were a factor as to why I stopped posting.

I actually have around 10 chapters worth of information I could post.
Also, I finally have a new computer.

Here's my question. 

Does anyone still care?

So, to my wonderful followers, and anyone who might happen by, please comment below and let me know if you would like me to continue this legacy.
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Anyway, this is my shout to the void: Is anybody there?

Chapter 30 - Welcome Baby 11! The First Baby of the Second Generation has Arrived


In the last chapter we left Grace wondering if she was pregnant…


Knowing they couldn’t just sit around and stare at Grace, wondering if she was pregnant or not, the prospective parents decided to keep themselves busy.

Luke began to tinker around with inventions and Grace began making nectar with the machene they brought back from their honeymoon.


“This is strange, I normally love the smell of nectar but today it is making me queasy.”


It is so cool they can do laundry now.


Since they plan to have a big family a video camera is a must, Grace practiced with the new camera by filming Luke.


Her filming was cut short when she had to run for the bathroom.

“Yes! I’m preg… *urp*”

Let’s move away and give Grace some space for a moment.


“Whew! Being pregnant is tougher than I thought.”


Just because she is carrying the first baby of the second O’Connor Legacy Generation does not stop Grace from taking care of her garden.


Luke is working as a police officer, I’m sorry I don’t remember what level he is at right now.


As soon as she began to show Grace called her parents over.

Kevin asked if she wanted to know the gender but Grace said she wanted to be suprized.


Grace loved talking with her dad, but the person she really wanted to talk to was her mom.



Allow me a moment of nostalgia


Here sit the two mothers of the O’Connor clan, the younger seeking advice from the older as how to properly care for her new young soon to be born.

*reaches for tissues*


As expected Clare had lots of advice for Grace, there wasn’t anything a baby had ever: done, eaten, broken, fallen in to, or vomited on that Clare hadn’t seen.


This is not Kevin and Clare’s first grandchild.

(they have six grandchildren: Mark and Bianca have four children: Reed, Natalia, Samuel, and Steve. And Mike and Sapphire have two: Garrett and Ralph)

But Grace is the first of Clare’s daughters to be a mother, so this is exciting for several reasons.


As Clare hugged Grace goodbye she felt the baby bump and was reminded of the joy she felt carrying all of her children. She knew when she and Kevin chose Grace to be their heir they were making the right choice, and seeing the way Grace was glowing only added to her confidance in the new O’Connor mother.


As time passed Grace loved her baby more and more.

“I can’t wait to meet you, little one.” she whispered.


One day Luke came home with wonderful news, he had been promoted at work!


With a growing wife and family to take care of, the faster Luke moves up at work the better.


One evening Grace was working on the laundry when the pain hit her.



Completely not prepared to have the baby at home the couple rushed to the hospital. And look one of Grace’s brothers was at the hospital too.


It’s a girl! Grace gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Chloe.

Baby 11 Chloe was born with the Good and Genius traits. A wonderful way to start the new generation.


“Goodnight my princess.”


“You don’t know it now but you are the beginning of a great legacy, and I am sure you are going to be a wonderful big sister.


Time for us to let the new family rest, but just in case you were wondering here is what the new family tree looks like.